“About”… hmmm… tell you about me?  Is that the idea here?

Well, I’m still traveling this road, but at this point, where I am building a brand new site with a brand new look, I am finally able to say…

I am a photographer.

I am also a mother, a daughter, a girlfriend, a sister, a friend, a goofball, a traveler, a hockey fan (go Caps!), a dog lover, a wine drinker, and a professional.  I work hard, I’m close with my family, and I make the best plate of nachos you’ll ever eat!  Mmmm… nachos…

Anyway, some of my most prized possessions include a picture of my son skipping on the railroad tracks behind our house on a golden summer evening, my grandparents’ black-and-white wedding portrait, a grainy photo of my brother and I sitting with his 12th birthday cake, an image of my boyfriend and I swimming in a waterfall in Puerto Vallarta on one of our epic trips… These are the tangible memories of the tremendous love I’ve been privileged to experience in my life.

But enough about me….  What about you?

Who do you love?  What do you love?  What brings you joy?

Maybe it’s your fiancé or spouse, the love of your life.  Maybe it’s your precious, crazy, happy kids.  Maybe it’s your furry, four-legged best friend.  Maybe it’s simply feeling beautiful, or feeling confident at a special moment in your life.  Maybe it’s the simple, every day chaos of a busy family trying to balance it all.

So pull up a pillow, pour yourself a glass of wine (or, you know, grab a beer, a martini, a juice box…whatever works for ya), and tell me all about it.

Then, when you’re ready, I will quietly walk with my camera and capture that joy, that love, that confidence, and all that beautiful chaos for you, and for all the people who care about you.  Well, unless you have a really great wedding DJ – then I may be dancing like a fool! 😉

Thanks for stopping by my little ol’ website and enjoy what you see here.  Come back soon – I like visitors!