Journey through Joshua Tree

Everyone needs a break now and then, to take a breath and allow ourselves a little physical and mental rest.  This past winter, I managed to successfully schedule some downtime, in the midst of a busy work and family life, to have a few “personal project” shoots.

I had the opportunity to go adventuring in Joshua Tree National Park, a place that had been on my bucket list for a while.  My sweetie and I scored an absolutely gorgeous day in the desert, and cameras in hand, we traveled through the entire park, top to bottom.

From the actual Joshua trees (that look like they were borne from a Dr. Seuss story), to the Mars-like rocky landscape, to the vast Cholla cacti gardens, to the beautiful little desert flowers just starting to bloom for the season, this adventure definitely put me out of my element!  I loved every minute and was stoked at the shots, which required very little tidying up.  Enjoy!


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