Frederick in the Mist


Sometimes, in the most spontaneous moments, you capture something special.

My sweetie and I were out to dinner recently for his birthday (Happy Birthday, love!) in our lovely little town of Frederick, Maryland.  I grew up here, and have a lot of pride in my hometown, which was voted one of most charming places in Maryland.  It’s a Goldilocks town – not too big, not too small, with enough history to satisfy those looking for “quaint,” and plenty of diversity and culture for those in search of “interesting.”  It’s a place that changes moods, but is always beautiful, especially to us natives.

We walked out of the restaurant,  The Wine Kitchen on the Creek, (fabulous food and wine flights!), which is located along the city’s centerpiece, Carroll Creek.  The promenade, lined with restaurants, shops, apartments, and the city’s public library, is where many activities take place, like art festivals, concerts, and outdoor movies.  The promenade is always bustling with joggers, dogwalkers, shoppers, and foodies on any given day of the week.

But this evening was different – a chilly Tuesday in January, the restaurants had a few small groups of diners, but most of the windows were dark.  The streetlights, illuminated in the very early evening, made the seven o’clock hour seem much later.  The mist had begun to descend on the Creek and the bridges crossing over it.

There wasn’t a soul on the promenade.

Not having my camera around, I pulled out my iPhone, headed to the edge of the Creek, and took this shot…

My sweet little town, hibernating in the mist.


If you’d like a print of this image, head over to my gallery page here.


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