New Shots for an Old Friend

This handsome devil is one of my oldest and dearest friends!  We met in college, and were often spotted on stage together in theatre productions – he was the Trissotin to my Henriette, the Peter Patrone to my Heidi Holland, and the Benedick to my Beatrice.  While I moved back home to my beloved Maryland, he moved through Pennsylvania and Ohio, and beyond acting to designing, playwriting, directing, and educating.

That was a long time ago, but over the years we’ve been able to have dinner here and there and stay updated on each other’s lives.  Recently, while passing through town, we were able to not only have dinner (my family in tow!), but also take in the gorgeous charm of downtown Frederick and have a photo shoot!  It was such a pleasure to capture the spirit I know so well, and to see my friend’s face smiling back at me as I edited the images.  These are some of my favorites!  P.S. I usually love black and white headshots the best, but I threw in a few color pics as well.


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