Chic Bethesda Wedding

In a beautiful courtyard, nestled in the middle of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, on a warm September evening, Jon and Kristin were carefully reciting their vows.  Standing in front of a serene waterfall, they were two people who, it was clear, had at last found their soulmate.  They spoke their personal promises of love and devotion to each other, written from their hearts…

And then, in front of their family and friends, they each turned to their two amazing young daughters, and pledged their love, protection, and bond of family to them.  And there wasn’t a dry eye in that courtyard.

I often sigh and smile at my couples when I hear their vows, watching them say their special words through my camera’s eye… but this time, I must admit that for a moment, I was clicking the shutter through my tears, hoping my shots would be sharp.

Thank you, Kristin & Jon, for such a fun, beautiful, and memorable experience!  May you and your girls enjoy a lifetime of happiness!


Special thanks to my second photographer, Sandy White of Lucky Ladybug Photography!


3 thoughts on “Chic Bethesda Wedding

  1. These pictures are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Erin you have a great eye and really brought The Cherry Family to life. I feel like I was there! GREAT JOB! Simply beautiful!


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