I love to hike – there’s nothing so meditative as walking out in the woods, breathing, listening, observing.

My favorite thing to photograph is the sun brightly shining through the dense canopy of trees.

I’m thinking about that a lot today.  Peace, love, and hope to all.



Frederick in the Mist


Sometimes, in the most spontaneous moments, you capture something special.

My sweetie and I were out to dinner recently for his birthday (Happy Birthday, love!) in our lovely little town of Frederick, Maryland.  I grew up here, and have a lot of pride in my hometown, which was voted one of most charming places in Maryland.  It’s a Goldilocks town – not too big, not too small, with enough history to satisfy those looking for “quaint,” and plenty of diversity and culture for those in search of “interesting.”  It’s a place that changes moods, but is always beautiful, especially to us natives.

We walked out of the restaurant,  The Wine Kitchen on the Creek, (fabulous food and wine flights!), which is located along the city’s centerpiece, Carroll Creek.  The promenade, lined with restaurants, shops, apartments, and the city’s public library, is where many activities take place, like art festivals, concerts, and outdoor movies.  The promenade is always bustling with joggers, dogwalkers, shoppers, and foodies on any given day of the week.

But this evening was different – a chilly Tuesday in January, the restaurants had a few small groups of diners, but most of the windows were dark.  The streetlights, illuminated in the very early evening, made the seven o’clock hour seem much later.  The mist had begun to descend on the Creek and the bridges crossing over it.

There wasn’t a soul on the promenade.

Not having my camera around, I pulled out my iPhone, headed to the edge of the Creek, and took this shot…

My sweet little town, hibernating in the mist.


If you’d like a print of this image, head over to my gallery page here.


The Pace of Nature

As the winter is going into full swing, with grey skies and freezing temperatures day after day, I am much more in the mood to snuggle under a blanket and watch movies than to go outside with my camera!  But the truth is, there’s nothing I love more than to take a walk in the woods and see what beauty I can find.  Winter can be a brutal test of patience for me, but I’ve found comfort in clicking through my nature galleries  – it’s a small piece of warm sunshine and bright color in the midst of this monochrome season.

And… good news!  These shots, and MANY others, are now available to order on my gallery site here

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“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Holidays at Home (Part II)

So… the cat’s out of the bag and it’s “Facebook official”: Natalie is going to be a big sister!!  I am so thankful to have been a part of this important announcement, and these special moments for this growing family.  Can’t wait to meet you, Baby Girl Baker!

Holidays at Home (Part I)

I don’t usually take two posts to cover one session, but this is a very special session with a very special family.  Fresh from hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, the lovely Baker family was kind enough to invite me into their home to take some holiday photos.  Little did I know I was going to meet the very sweet, very pretty, and very precocious Natalie!  She made the afternoon so much fun, running and dancing, with her silly giggles and poses!  She even took the time to show me all the chrysalis pods located in their big evergreen, haha.

Fun fact – Natalie’s mom and Lilly and Logan’s mom (see my last post) were college roommates!

Stay tuned for Part II… coming soon!

Lakeside Twirls

The Boyle family is always a joy to photograph, in no small part because of daughter Lilly’s precocious spirit!  This time, I got to meet her brand new baby brother, Logan, who is as wide-eyed and serious as his big sister was at his age.  What a lucky boy he is to have such a doting sister, and what a gorgeous day we had at the picturesque Lake Elkhorn!



Pumpkins and Baby Cheeks!

I always enjoy photographing little ones, especially when they’re family!  Beautiful, sweet Charlotte, who you’ll find in an earlier blog post in newborn form, was interested in exploring the wonders of fall – the tiny, baby pumpkins in particular.  Such piercing blue eyes could only come from one place – her gorgeous mom (and my cousin), Lindsey!